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The following are answers to frequently asked questions, as well as links to a copy of our lease and campground rules.



How many people are included on my site rental?
Sites are rented to one family unit. Single, couple or one family unit. One family is parent(s) and dependent children under 19.  We do not allow multiple families to rent one site.  We do not allow tents on campsites.



Visitor Fee

Daily visitor - $6.00 per person

Overnight visitor - $12.00 per person. Visitor must sleep in your camper.

Your visitors are welcome. They must register before entering the campground. Once they are registered and pay appropriate fees, they may use all the amenities of the campground. 

*MN State law requires guest registration.

**See Campground Rules for additional details.



Your pets are welcome.  All pets must be leashed, cleaned up after, and controlled of excessive noise. Limit two pets per site.  

*Out of respect for all our campers please refrain from washing pets in our community showers.

Campground Lease

Campground Rules

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